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Korean lessons for beginners

Korean for beginners

Who is the course for

Welcome to our Korean course for beginners! You might think that the Korean language may be hard but you will find that once you have learnt Hangul (Korean) alphabet, you will learn Korean words and phrases much quicker. You are here because you have decided to learn Korean and you might know a word or two and you might even know the Korean alphabet (Hangul). This will be an enjoyable journey because not only you will learn to read, write and speak Korean but also understand a new culture and meet new people in the process. You will also start to understand more Korean when watching Korean drama series and K-Pop.

This course is designed to provide you with maximum practice at the beginner level and starts with a couple of sessions on how to read in Korean. It is best to go through these sections before class but if you don’t have a chance, our teacher will help you do that.

Learning platform

The learning platform was written for those who are planning to go to South Korea at some point. You can check the topics below. Once registered on the course you will access all the resources available. The lessons consist of grammar explanations, vocabulary, dialogues, audio and video. The topics are different and cover basic situations you will find yourself in when in South Korea.

There are some grammar and vocabulary tests for you to do for each topic you study.

Lesson bundles

The Korean beginner course on this platform consists of many topics and grammar practice exercises but there are also bundles available of 5, 10 or 15 lessons. You can study on a one-to-one basis (link above) or join our group lessons on a regular basis (please get in touch on WhatsApp on this number +447841526588).

Patreon membership tiers

There is another way you can access our learning platform. You can do it through our Korean Patreon page. There you will access additional resources made on a weekly basis and dependent on the membership tier you choose, you will have different perks. The highest levels include merch. Higher membership tiers will allow you to watch live streams with the teacher and have access to one-to-one or group sessions on Zoom. To investigate different options, click on the button below:

If you would like to find out more about the lessons, please fill in the form below:

Look forward to seeing you on this Korean beginner course and joining other students like you! You can start by joining us on Instagram (the link is on your right).

Learn Korean language with us!

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