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If you are planning to become a student at a British University and are not confident about your speaking skills at seminars and presentations, you would benefit from an Academic English Speaking Course. The course is a 4 week online course which you can view in more detail here.

At university, we are constantly communicating our research in the English language. It is this sharing of knowledge that is at the heart of academia. From lectures and literature, we may discuss, debate and present the discoveries of our chosen subjects amongst the world-wide academic community.

This course endeavours to reflect a more authentic opportunity to develop the ability and skills necessary in any western institute of higher education. Your future academic life in university cannot be found in a text book, but rather your experience will consist of lectures and seminars. In respect of this, you will participate in actual academic discussions, debates, and presentations on this course. You will also be asked to collaborate together with group tasks both during and outside of the lesson just as you would on campus.

In each lesson, you will be equipped with essential skills that you can immediately put into practice and develop with authentic speaking tasks taken straight from the university classroom. At the end of each week, your ability and progress will be evaluated through an assessed task, and we may offer you feedback so you can continue to grow.

At the end of this course, you will know, understand, and be able to perform exactly what is asked of you, in terms of speaking, during undergraduate and postgraduate studies in western higher education and the international community of academic English.

Week 1

  • Academic discussion: phrase bank | clarification
  • Academic discussion: giving opinion | development and support
  • Academic discussion: responding | criticality
  • Academic discussion: stress, connected speech and body language
  • Academic discussion: assessed discussion

Week 2

  •  Academic debate: note-taking
  • Academic debate: finding sources
  • Academic debate: lectures and etiquette
  • Academic debate: reporting evidence
  • Academic debate: assessed debate

Week 3

  • Academic presentation: introduction | conclusion
  • Academic presentation: performance
  • Academic presentation: reporting evidence 
  • Academic presentation: describing visuals
  • Academic presentation: cohesion

Week 4

  • Academic presentation: assessed presentation | feedback tutorials

Course duration

The course is 4 weeks long. Below is the weekly breakdown of the hours.

Week 1: 15 hours.

Week 2: 15 hours

Week 3: 15 hours

Week 4: 3 hours

For those interested in Academic English Writing Course, please click here from more information.

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