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Academic Writing Course


Organising your essay can be hard but we are here to help you.


If you want to succeed at university, do not look further because you have come to the right place. Instead of wasting not only time but thousands of pounds, I offer you a unique course based on 20 years of experience teaching Academic English at a British university. All the sessions are face-to-face and focus on YOUR needs. I am Anna Large, the founder of this website and am offering you a no-headache academic course that I designed and ran myself many many times. I have worked in various schools at university and am very familiar with Business, Law, and Social Science essay requirements. I will teach you how to be succinct and get the best grades possible. You can text me on WhatsApp on +447841526588 stating your requirements. 



Lesson 1

  • After a brief introduction into what websites we can or can’t use and how we can use Google Scholar to your advantage when writing essays, we will decide on the topic you would like to write about. You will be required to produce at least 1500 words on the topic of your choice. Your teacher will be providing you feedback on your writing on each submission. 
  • In this class, you will learn the structure of an academic essay and the lecturers’ expectations of your work. 
  • You will learn how to report various sources on the subject using academic reporting verbs. You will learn the differences between ‘claiming’, ‘arguing’, etc. 
  • You will learn how to understand essay titles.
  • We will also start looking for the sources you will use in the essay. The teacher will guide you through this process. 
  • The session is extremely practical and will not waste your time!

Lesson 2

  • In this lesson,  you will learn how to critically evaluate your sources. For this, you will need to become an expert on your subject, so it will take some time before you can produce critical comments. However, we will lay the foundations in this class. You will submit your first 400-word draft in this class.
  • You will learn how t 

Lesson 3

  • In this class, you will learn how to synthesise sources and ways of doing it using primary and secondary sources. We will use either Harvard or APA referencing systems, depending on the requirements of the university you will study in or are already a student of. 
  • We will also learn formal academic words and jargon you need for your subject.

Week 4

  • This is when we will go over your work and I shall provide you with the written and spoken feedback. We will consolidate all the important information you learnt in the lessons.

 Course duration

6 lessons  (You can choose either once or twice a week.) 

Each class will take 2 hours. 

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