Academic English

Academic Writing Course

Organising your essay can be hard but we are here to help you

At university, your challenge will be to demonstrate your research, knowledge and understanding by completing a series of academic written tasks in the English language. Your ability to write will allow you to freely and effectively share your findings and the discoveries of your chosen subjects amongst the world-wide community of academic English in a precise and professional manner.

This course will equip you with the means to collect and organise your ideas, so you can then communicate them with the structure and in the style of a university essay that follows the academic norms. We endeavour to reflect an authentic experience more closely related to your future studies.

In each lesson, you will be equipped with essential skills that you can immediately put into practice and develop with authentic writing tasks taken straight from the university classroom. At the end of each week, your ability and progress will be reviewed as you continue to build your own academic essay, and we may offer you feedback so you can continue to grow.

At the end of this course, you will know, understand, and be able to perform what is asked of you, in terms of writing, during undergraduate and postgraduate studies in western higher education and the international community of academic English.

Week 1

  • Collecting and organising ideas: phrase bank | clarification | problems and solutions
  • Collecting and organising ideas: development and support 
  • Collecting and organising ideas: specific to general | paragraphs
  • Collecting and organising ideas: note-taking | finding sources
  • Collecting and organising ideas: criticality | valid sources

Week 2

  • Essay structure and academic style: essay tasks and outlines
  • Essay structure and academic style: introduction
  • Essay structure and academic style: outline review  
  • Essay structure and academic style: formal| impersonal 
  • Essay structure and academic style: complex sentences | nominalisation 

Week 3

  • Academic norms: paraphrasing | reporting evidence 
  • Academic norms: hedging 
  • Academic norms: cohesion and conclusion
  • Academic norms: proofreading | referencing
  • Academic norms: 1st draft review 

Week 4

Academic norms: essay feedback tutorials

Course duration

4 weeks (48 hours)

Weeks 1-3: 3 hours a day 5 days a week

Week 4: 3 hours

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