English for children through cartoons on Padlet

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This article is primarily for the teachers who teach English online and here I would like to share my experience of teaching children English using cartoons for teaching English and Padlet. Padlet is like a blackboard/whiteboard that both the teacher and student can access and collaborate on either before, during or after the lesson. I will give you an example … Read More

Names of vegetables in Russian

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СПИСОК СЛОВ (WORD LIST) Now watch the video and try to repeat after me the names of vegetables. This video only aims to help you with your pronunciation of the words. They are not given in context here so this lesson is suitable for beginners. Try to do various exercises below the video to help you memorise the words. Activity … Read More

IELTS Speaking practice with a video

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Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire, business owner in the UK You are going to listen to the interview and study the questions and answers. I’ve written the questions here for you so you can follow the interviewer. You can simply listen to the answers provided by the student. Afterwards, you will prepare the answers that will apply to you. … Read More

IELTS Relationship Vocabulary

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My name is Anna Large and I specialise in teaching Academic English. I also teach English to adults on Skype. Today I would like to work with you on the vocabulary related to relationships. This is something you will have to talk about in your IELTS Speaking exam. Let’s look at sample questions in Part 1. Here the examiner is … Read More

Sarcasm in Fawlty Towers

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Before you watch the masterpiece of the British comedy, I would like to teach you a couple of words and expressions used in it to make it easier for you to understand it and enjoy it. 6. Where can you find the Sydney Opera House? Clearly, not in England. 7. Wildebeests are African antelopes and the spelling is rather strange. … Read More

Job names in Chinese

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What you will learn today In today’s lesson, I will teach you how to talk about your dream job in Chinese. I will use a simple phrase ‘I want to be a…’/ 我想当 …/wǒ xiǎng dāng…followed by names of different occupations. This lesson is for the Elementary level because I won’t be asking you to give a reason for your ... Read More

Basic greeting phrases

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Hello, all. Below you have some greetings in Chinese. Listen to the podcast to hear how they are pronounced. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to ask me. 你好        nǐhǎo  (Hello). 我很好 wǒ hěn hǎo  (I am good). 你好吗      nǐhǎo ma?  (How are you?) 还行吧      hái xíng ba (Still just so so).  还不错 hái bú cuò (Still … Read More

Use of Chineasy cards with children

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Amazing progress with Chinese Are your children learning a foreign language? Is it French, German or Spanish? Have they tried learning Chinese? In the video below, you will see how my children are quick to pick up Chinese words and even characters by simply doing what all children enjoy doing: by matching two cards with Chinese characters. Recently, it came … Read More