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If you have reached an upper-intermediate level but still feel anxious when you have need to explain your thoughts in English in front of others or when speaking to your university lecturer, then this course might be for you. In other words, you don’t feel you are fluent enough to feel comfortable when speaking with others. You may benefit from some work on pronunciation to learn all the rules related to joining the words together when you speak and you need to worth on rhythm, intonation and possibly presentation techniques, then you are in the right place.

You will find pronunciation tasks in each unit based on the teacher’s experience of students’ pronunciation problems. You will be asked to go over some of these if necessary. You will also learn how to talk on different topics that are often discussed by intelligent people, such as emotional intelligence in leadership, culture shock, fake science and others so you can learn and practise not only new vocabulary but also functional language you need to sound more natural. You will also receive tasks from your teacher to prepare short talks and a presentation to practise your speaking skills on a newly learnt topic.

You will learn how to work with spoken texts and how to learn from them to gain more fluency when speaking. These classes are led by a trained teacher who has more than 20 years of teaching experience to international students.

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IELTS Courses
Practising speaking in a mock exam

About to take the IELTS exam? Learn the strategies and skills you’ll need to get that top grade you’re after!

This course offers a more authentic opportunity to develop the ability and skills necessary to successfully pass the IELTS speaking exam.

Academic IELTS Writing Task 1

This course is designed for students who need to work on and improve their English language level across all four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in advance of taking the IELTS test, and learn strategies for the test to achieve their best result. The price is given for one-to-one lessons.

This course offers a more authentic opportunity to develop the ability and skills necessary to successfully pass the IELTS writing exam.

Academic English

If you are planning to become a student at a British University and are not confident about your speaking skills at seminars and presentations, you would benefit from an Academic English Speaking Course.

This course endeavours to reflect a more authentic opportunity to develop the ability and skills necessary in any western institute of higher education.

This course will equip you with the means to collect and organise your ideas, so you can then communicate them with the structure and in the style of a university essay that follows the academic norms.

All English Courses

This course is for Upper-Intermediate students who would like to improve their fluency in English. All for skills are covered with an emphasis on speaking and vocabulary. 

Introducing Project management

This is a course for students who can read and speak fluent English. It will help those whose job will involve managing a project. You will learn the most important notions any student in Higher Education in the UK will need to know before embarking on this career.

English for doctors

This course is for doctors, nutritionists, cardiologists etc from countries where English is not their first language and who would like to develop their general English speaking and vocabulary in a short time focusing on various topics related to new discoveries in the field of medical science

English test

In this course you will get sufficient preparation for an English test which will require you to learn how to chose an appropriate answer for the given situation. 

Here you will find interesting topics for discussion and be able to interact with your teacher. To check your progress, you will need to go through the Quiz for each class.

If you are planning to send your child to a Grammar School in the U.K., your child is 7 years old and you would like them to excel in their Literacy, then this course is right for you.

We are currently focusing on Russian, Korean, Chinese and English. We offer different levels and different specialisation. 

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We are based in Hertfordshire, UK. If you would prefer the teacher to travel to your location, travel costs will be added on top of the tuition fees. We offer Skype lessons to students who are not based nearby.

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