General IELTS Writing

General IELTS Writing Course outline

Practising writing

This course offers a more authentic opportunity to develop the ability and skills necessary to successfully pass the IELTS writing exam. In respect of this, you will be writing actual English essays and letters on this course. 

In each lesson, you will be equipped with essential skills that you can immediately put into practice and develop with authentic writing tasks, taken straight from the IELTS exam. During the course, your ability and progress will be evaluated through assessed tasks, and we may offer you feedback so you can continue to grow. 

At the end of this course, you will know, understand, and be able to perform exactly what is asked of you, in terms of writing, during the IELTS writing exam. Your IELTS exam is the key to a world of new opportunities with English language.

Sentences and paragraphs

  • Start building a bank of useful phrases and learn how to solve the problem that each essay presents [phrase bank, problems and solutions]
  • Add more phrases to your bank to help you with explaining your answers and supporting your ideas with examples [development and support]
  • Explore idioms which can increase your level of vocabulary and will impress the examiner [idioms]
  • Understand the style you need when writing an essay [formal, impersonal]
  • Learn how to give more variety in grammar and sentence structure that will raise your score [complex sentences, variety]

Writing an essay

  • Make a written task easier to follow, plan your response, and solve essay problem effectively [essay tasks and outlines]
  • Explore the structure of an introductory paragraph and the impact it has on your essay [introduction]
  • Discover the structure of your final paragraph for the IELTS essay and how make your essay well-connected [cohesion and conclusion]
  • Practise the skills need to finish with an essay that is accurate and professional [proofreading]
  • Write an essay to complete task 2 of the IELTS writing exam [mock writing exam part 2]

Writing a letter (General IELTS)

You will learn how to write a letter in preparation for the General IELTS.

  • Take notes effectively and understand the written task to plan and complete your response in a letter [letter tasks and notes]
  • Understand the style you need when writing a letter [informal style]
  • Find out how to start and finish your letter successfully [salutations]
  • Write a letter to complete task 1 of the IELTS writing exam [mock writing exam part 1]
  • Bring together all the skills and knowledge from the course in preparation for your exam [further practice]

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