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We are based in Hertfordshire, UK. We offer group lessons in St.Albans, North London, Watford, Letchworth, Hitchin, Long Marston, Cheddington and Tring in Hertfordshire. If you would prefer the teacher to travel to your location, travel costs will be added on top of the tuition fees. We offer Skype lessons to students who are not based nearby.

Skype is free, very convenient and means that your teacher’s time is spent more productively preparing for your lesson as well as enabling both you and your teacher to be accessible in any part of the world.


Charismatic language teachers you will enjoy learning with


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£ 100 ONE-OFF Payment
  • Guaranteed Expert Teacher
  • Initial Interview
  • 10hrs tuition
  • Materials included


£ 200 ONE-OFF Payment
  • Guaranteed Expert Teacher
  • Initial Interview
  • 10hrs Skype tuition
  • Online materials included
  • Homework marked
  • Custom made lessons


£ 350 ONE-OFF Payment
  • Guaranteed Expert Teacher
  • Initial Interview
  • 10hrs tuition
  • Materials included
Included in the price

You are welcome to join the whatsapp group for those who are interested in being immersed into the language on a daily basis. You will need to provide us with your mobile phone number so we can add you to the group.

Our Expert Teachers post two podcasts a week on the website that you can check and learn something from. Under each podcast you can leave a comment and ask your teacher to create a podcast on a particular topic.

Some of the materials will be prepared by the teacher and the others will be selected from the published textbooks. The teacher will send you the materials before the start of the lessons.

What our students say

“Anna is a dedicated lecturer putting her best efforts to ensure her dearest students achieves the best they could. I’m glad to be able to meet and learn from such a remarkable person.”

Giorgos From Cyprus

“Anna is one of the best lecturers I had the pleasure to meet. She is very ambitious, a positive person and very motivated about her job and she tries to pass the knowledge she has to her students.”

Khaled a Pharmacy student from Libya

“Honestly, my teacher Anna is one of those amazing teachers that I’ve ever met. I can describe her with five adjectives: experienced, witty, generous, subjective and open-minded.”

Omar MA in Pharmacy

“I’ve never attended a class like your class, Anna. It is a really informative and enjoyable class!”

Nabil From Libya

“I am from Libya and going to do an MA in Pharmacy. I wanted to thank Anna who was teaching me academic speaking skills. Your classes were fun, beneficial as well as unforgettable.”

I’ve had the pleasure of being taught Mandarin Chinese by Matt Wan and I can tell you that he is a well-rounded person. First, I love the way he teaches only useful language and can target it to your goals. Secondly, he is really good at drawing so I get illustrations for any vocabulary he chooses to teach me. This makes learning so much more fun. I have seen him teach children as well and I don’t know how he has all this patience to deal with little kids as young as 3. Also, Matt can adjust himself so easily to the needs of the students and is brilliant at creating customised materials for his lessons. I would highly recommend you get in touch with him for a Skype lesson, unless you are based in Hertfordshire.

Heba Zeem BSc, Physiotherapy, Saudi Arabia

“Anna’s willingness to help is amazing! This shows how much she loves her job. Anna has a unique character, she simply makes you love attending her lessons where you enjoy learning with a big smile. I do not want to forget to mention, when it comes to how professional she is…she manages the classroom beautifully — everyone feels respected. Have no doubt, your listening skills will improve!”

Moataz Sawwan a student from Jordan

“I would like to thank Anna Large for teaching me a higher level of skills, which are paraphrasing, academic speaking and academic writing. She has taught me for 2 months and delivered the information very clearly. Simply speaking, she is the best teacher I have ever come across in my life.”

Sirwan a student from Kurdistan

“Anna is very kind and cares about her students. She is available to help and advise students inside or outside classroom at any time you need help. Her class always has a good atmosphere and the content is memorable. To sum up, I can say that she is the teacher I admire because I have never had such an experienced teacher before and I will try to be a teacher like her in the future.”

Ксения С.

Я стала брать уроки у Анны Лардж в 2013 году, потому что мне надо было подготовиться к экзаменам по английскому и литературе Ай-Джи-Си-Эс-И в школе-пансионе в Соединенном Королевстве. Анна научила меня выбирать необходимые куски текста и их перефразировать, писать резюме и анализировать литературные тексты и стихотворения. Анна показала мне как подойти к курсовой работе для моего портфолио, и научила меня правильно вставлять источники других авторов в мою курсовую работу. С отметки С, я быстро продвинулась к оценке А и А*. Недавно я получила результаты экзаменов и за литературу я получила А*, а за английский А!

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