Useful questions in Chinese for daily life

Hi everyone!!! How are you? Today I would like to teach you how to answer some questions of our daily life in Chinese, for example, how to answer when people ask you” What do you like?””Where are you?”” What are you doing?” with a form of dialogue, which is very simple and useful. As usual, you can click the link below to listen to the sound track of how to answer the questions. (In Chinese, we do not have past tense and normal present tense).

So here are some useful questions and answers in Chinese:

A: Hi!! What are you doing!

nǐ hǎo !! nǐ zài gàn shén me!!

nǐ hǎo  means Hi  
means you
means are
gàn means do
shén me
means what

B: Hi!! I am watching television.

nǐ hǎo! wǒ zài kàn diàn shì.

nǐ hǎo means Hi
means I
zài  means am
means watching
diàn shì means television

What do you like? is another very common question.

A:  I do not like playing basketball.  What do you like?
wǒ bú xǐ huān lán qiú
means I
means do not  
xǐ huān
means like
lán qiú means basketball 

B: Me too!! I like playing football.

wǒ yě shì !! wǒ xǐ huān tī zú qiú

wǒ yě shì means me too
means I
xǐ huān
 means like
means kicking  
zú qiú
means football

Here is another useful question: Where are you?

A: Where are you?
nǐ zài nǎ ér

means you
means are
nǎ ér
means where

B: I am in London.
wǒ zài lún dūn

means I
zài means am   
lún dūn
  means  london

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