Useful Chinese verbs for beginners

Useful Сhinese vocabulary (1)

The podcast with these will follow but at the moment here is the list of useful verbs you should know. I have put Pinyin in the middle but without the tone so you will need to listen to the podcast.

The first word ‘love’ is really popular. Do you know how to say ‘I love you’ in Chinese? Listen to the song called “Rose, rose, I love you” and you will catch ‘Mei guai, mei guai (rose, rose), wo ai ni (I love you).

There is another great song where you will hear words ‘Bu pa’ which means ‘Don’t be afraid’. The singer is called Summer Lei (雷光夏). The song has really poetic lyrics. Do enjoy.

The list of verbs

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Love – ai – 爱

Talk – shuo – 说

Think – ren wei – 认为

Listen – ting – 听

Sit – zuo – 坐

Do –zuo/gan – 做/干

Enjoy – xiang shou 享受

Have fun – wan kai xing- 玩开心

Eat – chi- 吃

Smile- wei xiao微笑

Smoke –Chou yan –抽烟

Drink – he-  喝

Hate – hen – 恨

To be friends – cheng wei peng you- 成为朋友

Travel to other countries– chu guo lv you出国旅游

Go to London – qu lun dun 去伦敦

Don’t be afraid – bu pa –不怕

Start – kai shi – 开始

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