Use of Chineasy cards with children

Amazing progress with Chinese

Are your children learning a foreign language? Is it French, German or Spanish? Have they tried learning Chinese? In the video below, you will see how my children are quick to pick up Chinese words and even characters by simply doing what all children enjoy doing: by matching two cards with Chinese characters. Recently, it came as a shock to me once when Alex, after Matt Wan taught him the character for A KING in Chinese, was sitting in the study when I accidentally dropped my sewing box. You won’t believe what happened. Four needles fell on the floor and Alex commented on it by saying, that’s WANG, ‘a king’ in Chinese. Obviously, I was very proud of him and thought that teaching children Chinese will not only enable them to be fluent speakers of Chinese but make them more broad-minded and keen to learn. Since I only learnt languages after the age of 13, I feel that my children need to learn before they reach puberty so that they don’t have an accent. Also, what I find fascinating is that my children picked up Chinese songs quite fast. I wish I could just remember the lyrics that effortlessly. Have a look at the video on how easy it is to pick up foreign languages by using flashcards.

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