The sweet shop in Bath

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There’s one confectionery shop I really like in Bath, though you can find it in other places in the UK. It’s called the Hardys Original Sweet Shop. What’s good is that the window display is really colourful and lures you in to spend some money. My niece when she was visiting me also went to the shop and got the same kind of lollipop from this sweet shop. If you were to write an article for a shop advertising their sweets, what words would you use? I found the actual shop online and decided to highlight some words for my students that I found perhaps unusual or nice to know. First, look at the words then at the text from the shop’s website.

1) pick and mix (a selection of sweets where you choose what you want and place it in a paper bag or a plastic cup)
2) liquorice (how do you think you pronounce it: LI-ke-rish but some people say LI-ke-ris).
3) scrumptious: extremely tasty
4) heavenly nougat (nu-GAH)
5) a bygone era (an era that has gone/in the past; the stress is on the first syllable: BY-gone and be careful with the pronunciation of era as it sounds like the word ‘ear’+ah)
6) stacked with yummy goodies (sounds like a child would say it)
7) a mouth-watering selection (a don’t see a man ever saying it this way)
8) an amazing array (a huge selection of…)
9) a walk down memory lane (it makes you remember your past in a good way)
candy shop Bath
So here is the link to the shop so you can look at the words in the context.
Good luck with learning English.

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