English for children through cartoons on Padlet

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This article is primarily for the teachers who teach English online and here I would like to share my experience of teaching children English using cartoons for teaching English and Padlet. Padlet is like a blackboard/whiteboard that both the teacher and student can access and collaborate on either before, during or after the lesson. I will give you an example of what I did with Padlet when teaching a ten year old boy from Russia.

First, I put myself in the shoes of a 10 year old boy in Russia and asked myself what kind of things he would need to know at this age if he were with British children. Since I only have 7 year old twins, I guessed that Horrid Henry and his life with his family and classmates could be similar. My little learner had studied English for a year and a half with another teacher but I wasn’t really sure if he could speak well or not. He did have the ability but wasn’t very forthcoming with it.

Anyway, I decided to use the Padlet as a platform for working together on the same project and since the boy does swimming twice a week, he should ideally like an episode from Horrid Henry related to swimming lessons.
Normally I can ask my online students to watch the cartoon before and then we can matchthe scenes from the cartoon on Padlet.

Here is the cartoon:

Here is the link to the Padlet with the activity: https://padlet.com/tonemulti/odwzur98bka

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