Photos from Genoa


My favourite restaurant in Genoa. Still going strong despite the demise of Vittorio himself and still serving a mean lobster linguine.

Tasty seafood

Lobster linguine. A speciality at Da Vittorio’s.

Arcadia in Genoa

Arcadia. Via XX Settembre is lined with these magnificent arcades. It’s a joy to walk up them.


Looking for lice and checking for BO. A bad hair and armpit day on mount Olympus!

 St Pancras church, Genoa

St Pancras church – a little gem amongst blocks of workaday flats.

a street in Genoa

A street in the rabbit warren that is old Genoa.


I am outside the Moderno Verdi.

A guy in track suit bottoms

Failed pick up on the Via Galeta. Does that guy seriously think he’s going to score wearing an Adidas tracksuit?!

The Wally bar

The wally bar, where I had lunch with all the other wallies!

Genoa at night

Genoa at night.

Genoa at night

Genoa at night. Not such a clear shot.

At the bar

Me  lagering up at the bar in the Moderno Verdi.


No, not a large animal’s testicle, but Mozzarella. It’s strange stuff when you think about it.


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