How to say ‘WHY’, ‘WHAT FOR’ and ‘BECAUSE’ in Russian

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This blog is for Russian learners. Today I want you to learn how to say ‘why’, ‘what for’ and ‘because’ in Russian because they are really commonly used in Russia. I’ll give you some examples which will hopefully show you differences between WHY and WHAT FOR. So the words in question are:

pocheMOO – why? In Russian it looks this way: почему

pataMOOshta – because —-потому что

zaCHEM – what for? —–зачем

Now I would like you to listen to my podcast on Please click on this link. If you have any questions about these two words, do ask me. I’ll be happy to answer. And here is the link:


I’ve found you a song written by Fadeev and sung by a Russian pop-singer Glukoza. Here she is repeating the word WHAT FOR? ЗАЧЕМ? GLUKOZA

Зачем, зачем, зачем ты сказал мне, что меня любишь?  Why did you tell me you love me?
Зачем, зачем, зачем обещал мне, что не забудешь? Why did you promise me you won’t forget me?
Зачем, зачем, зачем разбивал мне ты моё сердце? Why did you break my heart?
Зачем, зачем, зачем? Я же просто хотела согреться. Why? I simply wanted to get warm (don’t ask me why she says this in the song).


Spaseeba (thank you).

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