Free Korean vocabulary notebook

You are learning Korean and recording your words in a notebook and possibly adding stickers or doodling to make it more memorable. Sometimes we just don’t have the patience to carry on learning a new language because it requires effort. It all depends on you and what study habits you have acquired through your school years. Here, at Expert Teacher, we believe that having a dedicated vocabulary book is especially vital at the beginning stages because it is so easy to get sidetracked. So we have put together a trial vocabulary book with spaces for the new words, the meaning and possibly grammar notes. If you think it works well, we will come up with a longer version, e.g. for a month. 

Here at Expert Teacher, we want you to benefit from the resources we put out there so don’t forget to add us on Instagram (link to Instagram shows on the right hand side of this page) where you will find Korean jokes, slang, live videos, K-drama, song lyrics updated daily. For those who want to join the community of other students learning Korean, can join us on our Discord server for FREE by following this link.

You can download the Korean vocabulary notebook (vocabulary record for 2 weeks) here for free and if you like it, share it on your social media (we will love you for that!). Come back to this page to get updates for this notebook and other resources. Here is the file:

Vocabulary notebook for 2 weeks
Click on the flower


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