How to talk about activities and hobbies in Chinese

What do you like doing?你喜欢什么

What is the best way to get you started in Chinese? Some vocabulary related to things you and other people like doing. This is always a winner and I recommend you look through it. If you are familiar with pinyin, it should be easy but be careful with the tones. If you would like to ask someone about their favourite activities or hobbies, the question you need to ask is nǐ xǐ huān shén me?In Chinese it looks like this: 你喜欢什么. It literally means: What do you like? You can answer this way: wǒ  xǐ huān …….. which means ‘I like’. Then you put any of the verbs below.

running     跑步  pǎo bù = Running/ 跑 pǎo=Runing   =step

singing 唱歌  chàng gē= singing/  唱  chàng=sing   歌gē=song

swimming游泳 yóu yǒng =swimming/ this two characters all mean swimming

看书看书 kàn shū=reading / 看kàn =look or watch  书shū=book


paou=544456513,3715744940&fm=58——— pǎo bù

u=159619155,2875538058&fm=58u=537052381,50940564&fm=58———chàng gē

u=551495695,3764621072&fm=58u=835548389,100100880&fm=58———-yóu yǒng

u=162965593,3572651984&fm=58u=568936859,3773561827&fm=58———–kàn shū

Let’s break down the phrase again, word by word.

你喜欢什么  what do you like?

我喜欢… I like ….


你 nǐ means you

喜欢xǐ huān means Like

什么shén me means what

我 wǒ  means I or Me

So, if we translate this phrase into English, it will be ‘You like what?‘ which is quite Chinglish but easy to remember.

Now all you have to do is practise with a Chinese speaker. If you are interested in Skype lessons, you can email us on [email protected] and we will get back to you shortly.





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