Burning barrel competition

I once went a long way to see how people run with burning barrels on their backs. I had been looking for some strange events and found this one. I must say it was quite exciting to see even children run around with barrels filled with burning black tar! Well, I’m attaching a link here so you can see for yourselves what it looked like. The event was so crowded that I thought I was going to get squashed by the crowds. But what was also amazing is that there were children who took part in this competition and they were fearless. My Grandma’s cousin, who is from Devon, said once that it was amazing that the event had not been shut down for Health and Safety reasons as there’s a tendency in this country to focus a lot on health and safety. Anyway, this year you might not have the opportunity of attending the even as there is a slight glitch with the public liability insurance. The event will take place in Ottery St. Mary’s on the 4th November so you if you want to attend, you’ll need to book a hotel.


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