Levels we teach at Expert Teacher

Beginner A1: a first approximation to Spanish, this course is designed for students without any prior knowledge of the language. The course focuses on the acquisition of basic Spanish grammar in order to communicate in everyday basic situations.

Elementary A2: designed for students with some previous knowledge of Spanish but who need to improve their ability to communicate and expand their vocabulary. This Spanish course places emphasis on the acquisition of grammatical concepts and the assimilation of those concepts already studied.

Intermediate B1: designed to master advanced Spanish grammar concepts, fluency in communication and increasing lexical knowledge.

Upper intermediate B2-C1: conceived for students of Spanish who already master the usage of the Spanish language. We seek to expand complex grammar concepts, although reviewing basic concepts as well. This course is complimented with subtler idiomatic expressions, colloquial expressions, formal writing, reading comprehension, and student presentations.

Advanced C2: designed for students who, due to work or personal needs, need a native-like command of Spanish. These classes stress the importance of practising in order to assimilate the concepts learned, as well as in-depth studying of complex Spanish phonetics, morphology and syntax

Spanish for Specific Purposes

Spanish for Tourism and Hospitality: this course is designed for students with a certain level of Spanish who, due to their academic studies or professional careers need to acquire communication skills in the tourism sector for specific situations (commercial mail, travel agencies, tourist guides, concierge, rates, restaurants, lodgings). The students have the opportunity of setting the syllabus in which they are most interested.

Spanish Culture and Society: the purpose of this course is to improve the student’s knowledge of Spain’s culture and history. We approach this complex socio-cultural situation by studying Spain’s geography, customs and folklore, as well as the most important political, economic, and historical events.

Commercial and Business Spanish: this one to one course is designed to satisfy the specific needs of students who need to learn Spanish in a short period of time. The student will improve his/her business vocabulary using articles from major business papers.


Russian beginner classes aim at students who have no prior knowledge of Russian. The course will teach you how to communicate basic information as well as give you the skill of reading and writing in Russian. You will learn and use around 200 words on this course. We strongly encourage pairwork and groupwork in our lessons to create a friendly and working environment. You will be provided with the materials such as handouts, MP3 and videos to take home and practise the language. We will also organise meetups with native speakers of Russian so you can practice with them.

How to apply

Fill in a form on this page with your contact information and the reasons for learning Russian. We will arrange a conversation on the phone or Skype with you to understand your needs and ways of learning that suit you most.

How to pay

Learning in a group – 10 pounds per hour and paid by cheque or bank transfer. After you have decided to proceed with the Russian course, you will be provided with an invoice after the initial consultation with your tutor.

Contact us for a quote for individual lessons.


At the moment we are located in West Hampstead in London and Tring in Hertfordshire.

The address in West Hampstead is 533 Finchley Rd, London, in the Hampstead School of English.


We offer lessons in the evenings from 6-8 throughout the year in our West Hampstead location. In Tring we run classes on Saturday mornings. Please contact us on 07841526588.

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