Chinese courses we offer

Beginner Chinese

We offer courses for complete beginners. We focus on developing your spoken Chinese as fast as possible. Some element of reading and writing the most common characters is also introduced at this stage. Both one-to-one and group lessons are available in several locations in Hertfordshire. You can click here to view the syllabus for this course.

Intermediate Chinese

If you can already speak, read and write a bit of Chinese, then this is the right class for you. You will study new vocabulary in context that is most interesting for you. Once your needs for learning Chinese are assessed, you will be taught the language based on your requirements. You can be someone who has been studying Chinese for some time but are not very fluent and can’t converse on different topics. You need a boost to improve your skills. Click here for more information.

Advanced Chinese

This class is most suitable for our private clients who would like to focus on improving a particular area of their spoken Chinese. Typically, you are someone who is already using Chinese for work. For instance, you can be working at an auction in London and primarily dealing with the Chinese clients. You would like to learn the intricacies of negotiation in China so you get the best deal for your company. For more information, click here.

After-school clubs

We work with nurseries and primary schools throughout Hertfordshire and teach Chinese and Russian through songs, games and stories.
Our Little Expert Speaker Clubs have been designed to accommodate specific age groups and cater for different abilities and learning styles. We aim at teaching children to speak the language and gradually introduce the writing element as well. More…

HSK exam preparation

Depending on your level, you will be offered a program which will target your learning style and requirements. You will practise mock exams and work on the four skills that are required to pass the exam with the flying colours. Contact us for further information on the course.

Crash course

If you want to either improve your existing spoken Chinese or start from zero, this is the course for you. You will be offered 10 one hour lessons to help you on your learning adventure. Most of our classes introduce you to the Chinese culture, music and food as well: all Mandarin style. Contact us for more information.