Beginners Korean

Beginners Korean

Girls in a traditional Korean dress

Introduction to Korean is a Beginners Course for students who have never studied Korean before. You can choose from 1-3 classes a week. The course is taught by an experienced teacher with the emphasis on communication including a lot of role-plays to practise the newly taught vocabulary. At the same time, there is a consistent grammar and vocabulary input that would allow you to improve all the aspects of your language. You will also be able to improve your listening comprehension skills.

Course content


Greeting and introducing yourselves

Activities and interests

Daily routines



Hangeul – the Korean alphabet

The present tense ending in ‘-ayo/eoyo’

Asking questions

Topic ‘-eun/neun’ and destination ‘-e’ particles

Sentences ending in ‘-ieyo/yeyo’


Some basic verbs

Country and nationality




Introduction to Korea and Korean

Formal and informal ways of greeting people


Sejong Korean Conversation

Course information

There are 2 hours of classes a week

This is a 10 week course

Classes are conducted online.

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