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Converged media

In the previous interview, Adam touched briefly on the interrelationships between paid, owned and earned media, and blurring lines between these different media types.  Let’s explore that in a bit more detail here. The interrelationships of different media within the POEM framework has been influenced by the ongoing changes to the media landscape.  Media convergence has changed …

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Brand advocacy

You will read the text below on brand advocacy and how it is important for a brand. Before you read it, think if you love any food, clothes, shoe brand. Why do you like this brand? Now read the text. You will find the words that we think are important for your English highlighted in …

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Loss of marketer control

Marketer control worked effectively when an audience had just two or three TV channels to watch, and little option but to sit and listen to television adverts. Then as paid TV channels and more free to air channels became available, audiences began to filter content by changing channels to avoid the adverts. When Personal Video Recorders …

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