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Brand advocacy

You will read the text below on brand advocacy and how it is important for a brand. Before you read it, think if you love any food, clothes, shoe brand. Why do you like this brand? Now read the text. You will find the words that we think are important for your English highlighted in …

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Presentation skills: introduction

In this mini-lesson, we will talk about some of the most important skills to have in a presentation. First, though, let’s watch a short clip from Bridget Jones’ Diary. Can you think what’s not right in the way she is presenting a book review? Enjoy! Feedback on the above presentation👆🏻 The first thing to do …

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Practising empathy

In this session, you will learn about empathy from Simon Sinek, who is one of the most influential and motivational speakers of our times. You will learn some vocabulary and presentation skills along the way. How do you understand empathy? What/who should leaders care about most? When you watch the video, take some notes of …

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Joining words

Let’s see what happens when we speak in English. The words are usually linked together and NOT separated. This creates a flow and you then you seem fluent to others. I would like you to pay attention to the following groups of words and focus more on how the final sound is linked to the …

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Learn through video

Here is a 16-minute video for you to watch. Please listen with subtitles first if they help and then there is an assignment for you to do. Your teacher will provide feedback for it.

Where are you from?

Откуда Вы? In this lesson you will learn how to say where you are from as well as ask the other person where they are from. At the end of this lesson, you can do a quiz to check your progress. So first let’s look at a couple of examples here of how to say …

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