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Congratulations on reaching the end of the learning materials for this unit.   The key ideas we have looked at in this unit are that: The P.O.E.M framework is a useful tool in understanding media types and their interrelationships  Technological change continues to drive media convergence and enable consumer change Consumers are empowered and extend influence …

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Participation branding and engagement

What is evident from the previous pages is that today, individuals have considerable power over brands. Content that attracts audiences, provides opportunities for interaction and garners user-generated content is increasingly important.  Participation brands are those brands that are creating content, and interactions or conversations with people that people want to have an active involvement in (IRIS-Worldwide, 2017). The Iris Participation …

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Loss of marketer control

Marketer control worked effectively when an audience had just two or three TV channels to watch, and little option but to sit and listen to television adverts. Then as paid TV channels and more free to air channels became available, audiences began to filter content by changing channels to avoid the adverts. When Personal Video Recorders …

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