Names of vegetables in Russian

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Hello, all!
In the video below you can either learn from zero or revise the names of various vegetables in Russian. I’ll provide you with a list of these here so you can refer to them when you need to.


баклажан – aubergine
огурец – cucumber
помидор – tomato
картофель – potato/potatoes
капуста – cabbage
кукуруза – corn
грибы – mushrooms
горох – peas
острый перец – chillie pepper
чеснок – garlic
авокадо – avocado
оливки – olives
морковь – carrot(s)
лук – onion

Now watch the video and try to repeat after me the names of vegetables. This video only aims to help you with your pronunciation of the words. They are not given in context here so this lesson is suitable for beginners. Try to do various exercises below the video to help you memorise the words.

Activity 1
Now prepare some cards with the Russian words on one side and the English equivalents on the other. Lay them out on the table and try to remember the Russian word by looking at the English word.

Activity 2
Complete the words by putting the missing letters in the words below:
баклаж _ _, поми_ _ р, огур_ _, куку _ _ _ а, гр_ _ ы, лу _, чесн _ _, авока_ _, карто _ ф _ л _, олив_и, острый п _ р _ ц, капу_ _ _, м _ рко _ _ , г _ ро _,
чес _ н _ к.

Activity 3

Guess what vegetable I’m talking about and say the name in Russian.

1) It makes you cry when you slice it.
2) It’s purple and long.
3) It’s yellow inside and quite long. They make popcorn out of it.
4) They are white and you put them on pizzas but you need to slice them first.
5) It’s something that have several cloves in it and makes your mouth stink.
6) It’s green and put into salads with tomatoes. It’s elongated.
7) It’s orange and usually we associate rabbits eating it.
8) It’s green and grows in pods.

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