Project 5

Project 5

anime girl and robot


The deadline for this project’s first submission is on: Week 7: first draft, Friday, 12th April 2024, followed by tutor feedback in Week 8 Week 9: final draft, Friday, 26th April 2024

Task requirements

  • Word count: 500 – 750 words
  • Text formatting: Arial 11, 2.0 spacing between the lines. 
  • Task: Introduce the case study, summarise the main points and identify the ethical dilemmas presented in the case study. 
  • Summarise at least 2 of the expert commentaries on the case (found at the bottom of the case study) and show how their ideas connect (this is called synthesis).
  • Write a brief conclusion and state what can be learned about ethics from this case study. 

How to find the commentaries

You can see that you need to summarise two commentaries as part of the project requirement. To see an example of where the commentaries can be found, look at the picture here.  

Topics to choose from

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