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Daily routines

In this lesson, we will learn about daily habits and routines. First, let’s look at some new vocabulary related to the daily routines. Which ones do you already know in Korean? Vocabulary The new words are given under each picture Let’s watch a video! Grammar Points Answering negative questions In English, you can answer the …

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Useful Expressions

We have selected a list of useful expressions in Korean. They will help you survive in Korea as you will be able to say that you only speak a little Korean or you can ask someone to repeat what you are saying. You can listen to the recording but pause it and play it several …

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Buying clothes

Koreans love to shop. Korea’s post-war economic boom sparked a consumer culture second-to-none, especially in big cities like Seoul, where you’ll find grand department stores, cavernous shopping malls, high-end luxury shops, traditional outdoor markets, hole-in-the-wall shops and a myriad of other places eager to relieve you of your shopping dollars. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Seoul is the …

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