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Useful Expressions

We have selected a list of useful expressions in Korean. They will help you survive in Korea as you will be able to say that you only speak a little Korean or you can ask someone to repeat what you are saying. You can listen to the recording but pause it and play it several …

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Learning vocabulary

During your studies, you need a lot of vocabulary! We will introduce groups of words that are important for everyday Korean speaking. You don’t have to try to memorize them all at once. Just familiarise yourself witheach group since they will be showing up in lessons. Group A: Verbs Group B : Adverbs Group C: …

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Types of transport and other useful things to learn Korea has one of those most inexpensive and efficient public transportation systems in the world. The public transportation system in Seoul includes 19 subway lines, four types of public buses, two types of taxis, and an airport limousine bus service. This may seem like a lot, …

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Visiting places in Korea

In this topic, you will lear some common prepositions of place and learn how to follow direction to get to places in Korea. Vocabulary Grammar Points 으로 / 로 direction particles It can be translated ‘to’ or ‘toward’ in English. ~으로 is added to nouns that end on a consonant and ~로 is added to …

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