Academic IELTS Preparation

Anna Large

Who is this course for? This course is designed for students who need to work on and improve their English language level across all four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in advance of taking the IELTS test, and learn strategies for the test to achieve their best result. The price is given for small groups of 2-4 people. What … Read More

English for Project Managers

Anna LargeEnglish, Fluent English, IELTS, Upper-Intermediate

This is a course for students who can read and speak fluent English. It will help those whose job will involve managing a project. You will learn the most important notions any student in Higher Education in the UK will need to know before embarking on this career. You will read the texts, watch videos and complete tests, which are … Read More

IELTS Speaking

Anna LargeEnglish, Fluent English, IELTS, Speak fluently in English, Speaking for IELTS, Speaking skills, Upper-Intermediate

In this course you will only focus on developing your speaking skills. You will learn plenty of vocabulary and functional language and do mock exams. The online materials will help you build the right vocabulary to answer specific questions. You will be encouraged by your teacher to use a specific module before class so that it will be plain sailing … Read More

Fluent English

Anna LargeEnglish, Fluent English, Speak fluently in English

Lessons: 10 Zoom sessions face-to-face with online materials (groups of 2)Level: Upper-IntermediateAge: 18+ This course is for Upper-Intermediate students who would like to improve their fluency in English. All for skills are covered with an emphasis on speaking and vocabulary. Each unit consists of one main topic and several subtopics. The subtopics focus on pronunciation work, presentation skills, reading comprehension … Read More

Speaking for doctors

Anna Large

B1 – Intermediate level This course is for doctors, nutritionists, cardiologists etc from countries where English is not their first language and who would like to develop their general English speaking and vocabulary in a short time focusing on various topics related to new discoveries in the field of medical science. By signing up, you will access several texts, videos … Read More

Beginners Korean

Anna LargeBeginners Korean, Korean, Lessons

Hello! Welcome to our Korean course for absolute beginners. You are here because you have decided to learn Korean. This will be an enjoyable journey because not only you will learn to read, write and speak Korean but also understand a new culture and meet new people. You will also start to be able to understand Korean drama series and … Read More

English for Year 3 pupils

Anna LargeEnglish, Literacy, Year 3

Hello, If you are planning to send your child to a Grammar School in the U.K., your child is 7 years old and you would like them to excel in their Literacy, then this course is right for you. Here you will find the materials and tasks for our lessons. Your child will also be able to do some tests … Read More

Русский язык для детей-билингвов

Anna LargeRussian, Русский язык для билингвов

Человек страшится только того, чего не знает. Знанием побеждается всякий страх. В. Белинский Этот курс предназначен для русскоговорящих детей (14-15 лет), живущих за пределами России, которые свободно разговаривают по-русски, но, возможно не могут красиво излагать свои мысли в письменной или устной форме. Для развития этих навыков, мы разработали курс, который включает в себя темы, связанные с искусством, литературой, историей, бизнесом, … Read More

Elementary Russian 1 (10 lessons)

Anna LargeRussian

Elementary Russian 1 Welcome to the Elementary Russian course! It is developed for those who have done at least 80 hours of Beginners Russian. By now you have a good understanding of all the Russian cases and sufficient vocabulary to construct sentences in various simple contexts. On this course you will learn more complex sentences and build your vocabulary in … Read More

Beginner Russian 2 (10 lessons)

Anna LargeRussian

The Beginner Russian 2 course is for those who have completed the first part of the course or have some basic knowledge of Russian, can read the Cyrillic alphabet and know around 150-200 Russian words. You can drop us an email if you have any questions about the content on the course. You can either study in groups of 4 … Read More

English for Children

Anna Large

Hello! Welcome to the English for Children course! Here you will find interesting topics for discussion and be able to interact with your teacher. To check your progress, you will need to go through the Quiz for each class. If you have any questions, please text on Whatsapp on +447841526588. Good luck with your studies! Regards, Anna Large CEO

Beginner Russian 1 (10 lessons)

Anna LargeLessons, Russian

The Beginner Russian course consists of three parts. The first part is meant for complete beginners. Then the second and third parts make up Russian level A1. In this Russian language course you are going to learn to read Russian in the first lesson and then be able to converse in some basic situations. The teacher-led Beginners Russian course 1 … Read More