Never Ignore a Tilde

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N.B. Ã/ã (a–tilde) is a letter used in some languages, generally considered a variant of the letter. I thought it would be a nice gesture to wish a Spanish colleague ‘Happy New Year’ in Spanish via WhatsApp. A simple enough task you would have thought, but I hadn’t bargained on the tilde, that squiggly line which sometimes appears above the … Read More

How to order tea, coffee and pizza in Russian

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ТРЕТИЙ УРОК (The third lesson) Read the words on the left and match them to their English equivalent on the right. 1) Чай                                                 а) coffee 2) Сахар                                             б) milk 3) Кофе                                               в) tea 4) Вино                                               г) honey 5) Мёд                                                 д) sugar 6) Молоко                                          е) wine 7) сыр                                                  ё) butter 8) масло                                             ж) bread 9) хлеб                                              … Read More

Useful questions in Chinese for daily life

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Hi everyone!!! How are you? Today I would like to teach you how to answer some questions of our daily life in Chinese, for example, how to answer when people ask you” What do you like?””Where are you?”” What are you doing?” with a form of dialogue, which is very simple and useful. As usual, you can click the link … Read More

Learn how to ask some questions in Chinese

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  Hi, everyone!! Today I would like to teach you how to ask some questions of our daily life which people usually use in Chinese. For instance: Where are you? What are you doing? What do you like? Generally, people like to ask these questions to start a conversation which means it is very useful and important. You can click … Read More

Learn how to greet in Chinese

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Hi, everyone! Today I would like to teach you some useful greetings in Chinese. For example, how to say ‘Good morning!’,’Good afternoon!’ and ‘Good evening!’, which are quite frequently used in our daily life. You can listen to the phrases in the podcast below. Good morning! zǎo shàng hǎo zǎo shàng is morning     hǎo  is good  Good afternoon!xià wǔ … Read More

Learn useful phrases in Chinese

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Today, I would like to teach you how to say ‘What’s your name?’, ‘You are really beautiful’ and ‘Would you like to be my friend?’ To some of you the second question would sound unusual because it’s not on many occasions in the UK we ask this question but in China it’s quite common among a lot of people: it … Read More

How to greet in Chinese

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Hello, all. In today’s lesson we will look at how to greet in different ways in Chinese. It is really important because you do not want to be disrespectful and say ‘Hi’ to an elderly person in China instead of pretty much ‘How do you do?’ as it was the case in English before. The Chinese are extremely polite and … Read More

Question word: ‘when’ in Russian and the words: yesterday, today and tomorrow

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Hello and Привет! This blog is for Russian learners. Today I want you to learn how to say ‘when’, ‘yesterday’, ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow’ in Russian because they are quite common in Russia. I’ll pronounce them and all you need to do is repeat after me. Here is the podcast The words are: Когда? When? [Kagda] Вчера (fchiRA) yesterday, сегодня (siVODnya) today, завтра (ZAFtra) … Read More